Fishing Big Bear & Safety

ImageThe value of a charter

Nervous about the safety of your family fishing trip this summer? Understandable, the head of a household is supposed to be concerned with safety. But before you worry yourself to death, consider these alleviating factors.

Have a professional guide escort your family out on the water. Their knowledge of safety procedures adds a sense of relief to the day. If a member of your party is doing something incorrectly, potentially dangerous, they’ll put a stop to it. If the water is to obnoxiously choppy, or the conditions aren’t fair, they’ll tell you. An experienced guide is just as concerned with safety as you are.

Big Bear Lake

Your fishing destination also factors into safety. For instance, deep sea fishing probably isn’t the best idea for a family. However, a sunny afternoon on the calming waters of Big Bear Lake is perfect. The waters are notoriously smooth and safe. Add a charter service, led by a seasoned guide, and your afternoon becomes anxiety-free.

Fishing is a wonderful summer activity. Every family should be able to safely give it a shot. Fish Big Bear Charter Services provides that opportunity. Visit our website or call (909)-635-7501 for more information on getting your clan out on the water!


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The interchangeable connection of fishing and family

Fishing has long stood as a symbol for bonding and connection, especially between father and son. You’ve heard the stories and seen the movies. The ones that depict fishing as an annual activity where boys learn how to be men and men reflect on their time as boys, all while trying to catch “the Big One.” There is a shred of truth in this illustration of fishing, something about it that generates feelings of family, legacy, and growing up.

The power of the lake

The sentimental power of a lake, specifically Big Bear, can be attributed to a number of reasons. The peaceful rocking of the waves, the surplus of environment, and its instructional tendencies – all notions with emotionally stirring features. The act is a sort of heirloom, a treasure or tradition that can be passed from generation to generation.

If you’re looking to bond with your family, or create a family ritual, fishing is perfect. Head up to Big Bear Lake and let us at Fish Big Bear Charter Services get you started! It would be our privilege. Visit our website or call (909)-635-7501 to make reservations!


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fWhy you need to visit Big Bear Lake soon

Fishing is a great hobby to have. Whether you avidly go hit the lake every Sunday or once every two years, fishing is a healthy way to connect with loved ones, nature, and yourself.


For one, fishing is an incredibly welcoming pastime. People of all ages, incomes, and physiques can participate. It is the perfect sport for families.

The outdoors

Fishing isn’t some exercise that is part of a workout regimen. In fact, you don’t have to be terribly active to fish. If anything, experiencing the outdoors while fishing can motivate you to become more active and to enjoy the benefits of the outdoors more often.

Relieve stress

Many attest to the stress-relieving qualities of fishing. The tender rocking of the waves combined with the peaceful serenity of nature pushes stress far from the mind. It’s a huge reason why people take up the sport.

We, at Fish Big Bear Charter Services, understand the wonderful, reflective aspects of fishing. Especially on Big Bear Lake, one of Southern California’s most tranquil and lush bodies of water. We invite you to get out there and relax.

Visit our website or call (909)-635-7501 to make a reservation, today!

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fishbigbearAnd the best kind for Big Bear Lake.

Fishing is a time honored tradition. And the three styles of which it’s divided are all equally cherished pastimes in their own right. When it comes time to planning a fishing trip, the most important question may very well be – “what kind of fishing this time?”

Fly Fishing

This brand of fishing involves false casting a lightweight pole with a lure that is designed to look like a fly. It is almost always done in a lake or river.

Ice Fishing

This variation of fishing includes placing lines and hooks or spears through a crevice in the ice atop a frozen body of water. This can be done on a stool in the open, or in a heated shack on the ice.

Line Fishing

This is perhaps the most common form of fishing and our absolute favorite. Using a fishing line, selected based on the type of fish sought out, bait is hooked and dropped with the intention of pegging one to be reeled in. It can be done anywhere there is fish and no restrictions.

The best place to fish, especially in California and for trout, is Big Bear Lake. At Fish Big Bear Charter Services, we have the quality equipment and expertise to take you and your family out on the water for a fun-filled time.

Visit our website or call (909)-635-7501 to make a reservation, today!

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Big Bear Trout Fishing


Why Trout Fishing is the Best

Big Bear Lake is home to the prized Rainbow Trout. Venturing out and catching these beauties is a time-honored Big Bear tradition. Here are some reasons why Rainbow Trout is so highly sought after.

Year Round

In Southern California, trout fishing is a year round enterprise. The only instance where trout fishing does not occur is when the lake freezes over, which is rarely.


Trout is an exceptionally versatile fish when it comes to mealtime. Enjoy a nice hearty trout smoked, grilled, fried, or raw – any which way, it goes down nice.

Fun to Catch

They put up a pretty good fight which makes catching one both challenging and fun. A 6-8 pounder will give you a run for your money, especially at Big Bear, where the trout are strong and healthy.

We, at Fish Big Bear, are proud of the Lake’s long standing tradition of Rainbow Trout fishing and urge you to come and give it a try. We’ll take you out and show you what fishing is all about.

Visit our website or call (909)-635-7501 and make a reservation, today!

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Buying Fish Equipment

Before Fishing Big Bear, What You Need

Scores of Southern California residents enjoy fishing on historic Big Bear Lake, yearly. Fishing is a challenge in persistence and skill for all ages. Having the right equipment goes a long way in having a successful day out on the lake. Here’s what you need.

Rod and Reel

These two components must be compatible. Where the rod propels your line in the direction you want it, the reel retracts it when you have a bite or you want to recast.


Don’t underestimate the strength of line, they‘re built to withstand the stress a fish creates when hooked. However, there are various lines that are built to catch various sizes. Catching smaller fish, you may not have to spend as much.

Baits and Lure

Experts carry a variety of baits and lures. Spinnerbaits, surface lures, and crank baits to name a few. Fishing for pleasure doesn’t really require a catalogue of pro equipment. Live bait works fine for a simple day on the lake.

Yes, Big Bear Lake is a great place to fish. And if you decide to set-off with us, at Fish Big Bear Charting Services, you won’t have to worry about equipment, at all. We have our own quality gear that our Master Angler will show you how to use.

Visit our website or call (909)-635-7501 for more information.

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Big Bear Charter Fishing



How is charter fishing in Big Bear a great family activity?

When it comes to family outings, fishing has long been a fun option. A fishing trip at Big Bear Lake isn’t just fun, it’s an experience. Here’s why:

Its Satisfying

Catching fish can be challenging. One of the greatest feelings is being able to hook a nice trout. The feeling becomes even more rewarding, when your family works together to reel them in.

Its Cozy

No one bothers you when you’re out on the boat. It’s private bonding time. Even if you have a guide, no problem, Big Bear Lake has the friendliest. Consider them a member of your family throughout the excursion.

Its Safe

Done properly, charter fishing can be simultaneously safe and exhilarating. With a sturdy boat, life jackets, and an experienced guide; your family’s fishing trip will become a cherished memory for years to come.

You love your family, and you want to show them a good time. We, at Fish Big Bear Chartering Services, provide charter options that will both bring your family together and promise lots of Big Bear’s famous Rainbow Trout.

Visit our website and see how Master Angler & Guide Curt Dills can lead your family to a fun-filled afternoon out on Big Bear Lake.


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